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Buy Pregabalin 150mg, Can i order Pregabalin online

It was November 1, 2017 when we took ownership of Cygnet restaurant in Beverly Farms. Since then, we have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful patrons and neighbors—the reception could not have been warmer. As the months passed, we listened and heard many stories, opinions and suggestions about the restaurant, and its place in Beverly Farms, both past and present.

In late Spring 2018, we decided to close the restaurant for a complete renovation—both the front of house, and in the kitchen. With this makeover, it was most important to us that we maintained the same warmth and ambience that our patrons have enjoyed for years, and we believe we have achieved this.

At the same time, we agreed that the restaurant was ready for a new name and identity—we chose Dal Máre, which translates to “by the sea” in Italian.

Our executive chef Ian Gallant—who has been with us since early Spring—has updated all of our menus, which include many of the “Classically American” offerings familiar to our patrons, with many tempting new additions including several new beef selections. We are excited to be offering an Italian flair to many of our dishes, with handmade pastas daily by our pasta chef. We’ve expanded our lunch offerings and have created a “bar bites” menu for those who wish to have something less than a full meal.

We are proud to be part of the Beverly community and the new dining experience we have created for you. We welcome you back to our new restaurant and look forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy!

– Marla & Steve Martin



Ian Gallant brings over 15 years of experience in the culinary industry to his role as Executive Chef at Dal Mare. Growing up, Ian always knew that he had a love for creative cuisine, experimenting with recipes and techniques at a very young age. It was inevitable that Ian would find a career in the culinary arts.

Ian began his career in Portland, Maine, studying under Chef Wilfred Beriau and eventually working under Chef David Turin. During this time he learned the importance of farm-to-table cuisine, and creating a fine dining experience with the freshest and locally sourced ingredients.

After moving to Gloucester, MA he worked at the Capital Grille, a classic fine dining steak house with a wide selection of dry aged steaks and extensive wine pairings. During this time discovered and developed a talent for dry and wet aged meats and butchering.

After many years at the Capital Grille he moved on to Ocean Prime in Boston’s Seaport district. Ocean Prime is a refined restaurant known for its sophisticated wine list, while offering a classic steak and seafood menu. During his time at Ocean Prime he was able to create the finest cuisine focusing on top- of-the-line seafood from around the globe and over-the-top dry aged steaks.

Ian is very excited to bring his experience to Dal Mare providing every guest with a memorable fine dining experience.